Connecting children, families and the outdoors.
          Connecting children, families and the outdoors.

What does a Forest School session look like?


There is no set pattern or sequence for Forest School.


It is child led and we aim to follow their interests and meet their needs as this creates the highest motivation for learning. 


Introductory sessions are about getting to know the children, them getting to know us, learning our routines, and everyone getting to know the outdoor site, it's rules and it's boundaries. 


Later sessions, once trust has developed and boundaries are accepted, would have a focus activity led by the Muddy Mondays Leader. For example, if the children are interested in campfire cooking we would teach elements of this leading up to using tools and cooking. 
There are endless routes to take; music, art, tool use, wood craft, hammocks, shelters...


Other activities would also happen in the area and be mostly child led, for example, continuing to build a shelter from a previous session, mud sculpture or mini beast hunting. Again these are unstructured and follow what the children are interested in.


There is no essential end product expected from the children, although most enjoy crafting something to take home! 


The session could also a snack such as hot chocolate and marshmallows if requested by the setting, or follow the school's usual snack time - eating their snacks in the outdoors. At the end of the session we find out what the children would like to discover next session and plan our subsequent sessions around these interests. 


Please note: We do ask for an additional adult(s) to accompany the group depending on numbers to maintain the correct ratio of adults:children. This should be a teaching assistant or similar, whom the children are familiar with.

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