Connecting children, families and the outdoors.
          Connecting children, families and the outdoors.

Nurture and booster groups

Do you have hard to reach pupils? Disengaged? Low self esteem? Lacking motivation to learn? Lacking life experiences to write about? 


Are the the usual interventions just not working for these children?


Want to implement creative strategies for learning?


Email us to find out how Forest School can be a tool to boost and nurture your pupils.


A recent project to boost writing in North Staffs with James Bateman Middle School saw the focus group not only make improvements to their writing attainment but also to their whole attitude to school, self esteem and "life skills" such as leadership, resilience and self motivation.


"Can we hurry up back to school, I want to finish my survival story....I've been thinking about it all week..." 


The quote above was shouted across the path on the way from forest school by a Year 5 pupil who began the project sitting back and not wanting to be engaged, then as the sessions progressed, he developed strong leadership capabilities. His motivation to learn, and to write improved beyond expectation.


"I've absolutely loved it....every bit! " ( A Year 5 pupil lacking self esteem and wouldn't say boo to a goose at the beginning of the project, who, by the end, was giving instructions to others) 





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