Connecting children, families and the outdoors.
          Connecting children, families and the outdoors.

 Muddy Mondays Outdoor Learning

Muddy Mondays offers bespoke Outdoor Learning sessions to Primary, middle and high schools, and Nursery settings, tailored specifically to the needs of your children. We offer a wide range of activities delivered at your setting. Contact us to book a session or make an enquiry.

Why Outdoor Learning?

Outdoor learning is essential! It is not just for Early Years, but for the whole of the school.

  • Virtually all areas of the curriculum can be accessed by outdoor learning.
  • It builds confidence and self-esteem.
  • It develops language and social skills.
  • It has many health benefits including improved gross and fine motor skills, benefits heart and lung function and is also shown to reduce myopia (near sightedness). (Optometry and Vision Science, 2008) 
  • It develops an understanding of risk.


Children who learn and play outdoors regulary:

  • Are fitter and leaner
  • Develop stronger immune systems
  • Have more active imaginations
  • Have lower stress levels
  • Are more creative
  • Have greater respect for themselves and other

(Fjortoft 2004; Burdette and Whitaker 2005)

Muddy Mondays can deliver:

  • Fun and knowledge rich Flora and Fauna identification workshops around your school grounds or local area ( Required in the new Science Curriculum 2014 from Year 1).


  • The Bear Hunt


  • Stick Man 


  • Bush craft survival 


  • Bespoke IMPACT days


  • Giant 3D shape construction


  • Fire - boiling and heating to make a change


  • Three Little pigs - make real stick, straw and brick houses!


  • Natural art workshops based upon the work of Andy Goldsworthy.


  • Fairy topic workshops, including shelters, secret doors, story telling and woodland art, all in minature form!


  • Fire themed sessions covering The Great Fire of London or Science "materials" based.


  • Enchanted wood topic workshops including wood bogarts, tree art, tree identification and woodland stories.


  • Messy mud kitchen workshops.


  • Using the senses, including camoflauge, smelly cocktails and sounds of nature.


  • Growing plants, including disection!


  • Stone age sessions including tool making and whattle & daub shelters


  • Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores.


  • Minibeasts and their habitats.


  • Seasons workshops -delivered over 4 sessions throught the year.

Contact us to book a session or make an enquiry 

We can plan and deliver bespoke sessions tailored to your requirements in Early Years, KS1 to 4 and adult learning. 

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